Apollo doctors transplant 23 organs from five dead bodies in 36 hours

Apollo doctors transplant 23 organs from five dead bodies in 36 hours

Tamil Nadu: After getting a nod from five families, a team of nearly 100 doctors at Apollo Hospital, successfully transplanted 23 organs from five brain dead patients. The entire medical team worked for 36 hours continuously to conduct the whole operation. According to reports, the team started its venture at 8:30 p.m. on Monday and after 36 hours of tireless effort they successfully completed every transplant till 9:30 am Wednesday.

The organs included two hearts, 10 kidneys, three pair of corneas and five livers. Out of 23 organs some including five livers, one heart and four kidneys were transplanted in Apollo Hospital itself while other were sent to different hospitals. An official said that second heart was transported to Fortis Malar Hospital and all three pair of corneas was given to Sakara Nethralaya. While four kidneys were given to KGH and one each to Kamakshi Hospital and Global Hospital.

While being grateful to the donor family, Preetha Reddy, vice chairperson, Apollo Hospitals said, “This day marks a milestone as this has never happened before. We offer our deepest thanks to the families of the five donors who rose above their grief to light the flame of life for 23 others.”

State Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan congratulated the medical team for their success and said, although Tamil Nadu is one the leading state in organ donation but there is still a long way to go and lot of awareness needs to be created among the families. He thanked to the five families for their effort and said although the loss of life can’t be compensated but their effort will motivate other families to donate organs of dead bodies. He also requested families to overcome the deep sorrow of loosing their loved ones and donate their organs as those organs can become a new light someones life.

In addition he suggested for a system in which organs of a dead person will automatically be donated unless and  until a person has a card specifically stating that they did not want to donate.

This effort from a medical team of Apollo Hospital will motivate others and is one step ahead towards creating a new hope in someone’s life.

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