Another Hindu Temple attacked in US

Yet another Hindu temple in the US was attacked late Thursday night by some anonymous Vandal groups. Not even a fortnight has passed since the previous attack, and now a Sanatan Dharma Temple has been vandalised in the Washington DC state. The windows of the temple were broken, and the word “FEAR” was painted on the walls of it.

The members of the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Kent came to worship on Friday morning and were greeted by pieces of glass shattered all over the floor. The temple website said that “Amalaki Ekadashi” was to be observed Saturday.

Bricks were used to destroy the building, and even some parts of the building were ripped apart. “The crime is small-minded with big intentions, shattering the calm with hate,” according to our reporters, US Hindu devotees said, “Silence isn’t the answer.”

Hindus all across the nation are highly concerned with these back to back attacks on the temples as told by the President of the Universal Society of Hinduism.

There are a high number of Hinduism followers in the United States, around three million. These hard working, harmonic and peaceful US citizens have made a lot of contribution towards the nation and the society, and  its very shocking to receive such symbols of hatred and anger, the President of USH said.

According to the reports the main reason, directly or indirectly, behind the attacks is the President Barrack Obama. As both attacks were made after Obama’s speech in February at an  inter-religious prayer meeting where he said intolerance there “would have shocked Gandhiji.”

Both the incidents are currently under investigation, but since temples did not had any security measures installed, police are having a hard time finding the suspects.

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