Anna Hazare receives congress president Sonia Gandhi support to oppose Land Bill

Congress president Sonia Gandhi has come out in support of Anna Hazare in latter’s opposition to the contentious land Acquisition bill.

Hazare had written a letter to all the opposition parties to resist the bill in the upper house. Responding to the letter, Sonia Gandhi replied, “The proposed new land law is not in farmers’ interest. Congress will oppose the bill at all fora. Our fight on the issue will continue,”

In her letter, Sonia referred to the march by fourteen opposition parties in her lead from Parliament to the Rashtrapati Bhawan against the amendments in the Land Bill .  Alleging that the bill will allow the interests of the corporate to gobble up the agricultural land, the march had witnessed heated and united opposition to Modi government amidst the roars of ‘ hai hai modi’ .

The march had around hundred MPs which includes big names like Ambika Soni, Gulam Nabi Azad, Sharad Yadav and others wherein a memorandum signed by 28 leaders was submitted to the president.

“All the progressive, secular, democratic forward-looking forces are determined to defeat the Modi Sarkar`s design to promote division and social disharmony.We request Rashtrapatiji to intervene to protect the interests of the kisans (farmers), and impress upon the Modi sarkar, not to go ahead with the amendment in the Rajya Sabha,” read the memorandum.

This new resonance between the social activist and Congress president has come out as an unusual symbiosis wherein Anna’s anti-corruption strike at Jantar Mantar in 2011 was one of the prime causes for sharp reduction in Congress’s share in Lok Sabha seats in 2014 from 206 to 44.

However agreeing to Hazare that the bill is anti-farmer, Sonia wrote, ‘I am in agreement with your views that the Ordinance of the NDA government and the amendment bill, which is now before Parliament, is not in the interest of farmers. I want to assure you that our fight on this issue will continue.” 

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  • There is a new found respect from Political leaders for Anna Hazare. Many are also embracing the dharna style of politics. I think some where they all hope this will be the panacea for their evils. Ironically they all slept when they had the opportunity.

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