Android Nougat running on the 1 percent of active devices

Android Nougat

Last year when the Tech Giant, Google launched the Android 7.0 also popularly called as Android Nougat, candidly speaking it wasn’t much of a fanfare to it as compared to the slew of awe and wonder that surrounded the launch of its predecessor.

But the twist to the story lies in the fact that according to the recently released reports by Google, within the six months of its launch, Android Nougat has reached the 1 percent mark on the Google play distribution charts. After Android nougat was launched most of the newer devices starting with the flagship product of Google i.e. Nexus rolled it out as well.

As of now, the other tech giants of the telecom device sector like Sony, Huawei, and Samsung, etc. are expected to follow the trend. As per the reports in the Google play Distribution charts, Android Marshmellow and Android Lollipop continue to account for a large chunk of about 59 percent, of all Android versions that are in use. And With Nougat coming to the fore as one of the most stable and secured versions of the entire Android genre, it is still expected to make a mark on the different market segments.

As per the data, there are about 32.9 percent of all Android devices that are running on Android Marshmellow and continue to be a huge hit among the customers and well as device makers. Other key points that were noticed in the consumption trends in the Android arena by different device segments is the fact that around 12 percent of all the active Android devices continue to run on Android versions before Android Kitkat i.e. Android Jelly bean and before. Not many have missed having Android Froyo, now one of the legacy Android versions, in the party as it is no longer endorsed by Google and has been dropped off as its numbers plummeted to a 0.1 percent usage among the consumers.

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