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Five times World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand is all set to take on defending champion Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championship in Sochi starting from 7 November 2014. 2012 World Champion, Anand has won the Candidates Tournament this year by defeating all the renowned grandmasters including Aronian, Kramnik andTopalov, to became the no. one challenger to win the prestigious title for the sixth time.

This the first time that both the previous year finalist are meeting again in back to back world cup finals since Kasparov and Karpov strived for the title in 1984-87 and 1990.

While being confident of again winning the world title, 44-year-old will start the tournament with a positive frame of mind. “I am in general happy with my chess performance this year. Actually in 2013, I had some good results but those were marred by a few bad losses. In 2014, I was more consistent in Khanty Mansiysk and Bilbao and played the chess I enjoy playing. So I would say I approach Sochi with positive feelings,” he said.

Second youngest grandmaster Magnus Clarsen had mixed fortunes in 2014. After winning Rapid and Blitz tournaments, he ended up 2nd  in Sinquifeild Cup in the US. He is the only player in the history of chess to win all the three titles- Rapid, Blitz and World titles, in a single year. “He (Carlsen) has had achieved a lot and is tenacious in his play. He will definitely come to Sochi motivated,” Anand said while commenting on Carlsen’s gameplay.

Anand is happy with Sochi as the venue. “Sochi is great venue and Aruna was very impressed when she inspected it a few months back. They have held the F1 and hosted the winter Olympics. So I think it will be excellent. Russian chess audiences are always chess appreciative and even warm weather should be good.”

Venue:- Olympic Media Center located, Sochi

Timings:- 4:30 pm IST


7 November, Friday: Opening ceremony

8 November, Saturday: Game 1

9 November, Sunday: Game 2

10 November, Monday: Rest

11 November, Tuesday: Game 3

12 November, Wednesday: Game 4

13 November, Thursday: Rest

14 November, Friday: Game 5

15 November, Saturday: Game 6

16 November, Sunday: Rest

17 November, Monday: Game 7

18 November, Tuesday: Game 8

19 November, Wednesday: Rest

20 November, Thursday: Game 9

21 November, Friday: Game 10

22 November Saturday: Rest

23 November, Sunday: Game 11

24 November, Monday: Rest

25 November, Tuesday: Game 12

26 November, Wednesday: Rest

27 November, Thursday: Tie-break

28 November, Friday: Closing ceremony

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