Alien seekers find two UFO near Moon in images shot by Chinese satellite Chang’e 3

An UFO researcher spotted two mysterious unidentified objects on the lunar surface

People around the world have been reporting sightings of UFOs and existence of extraterrestrial life on Earth, Moon and in the universe. In rather mysterious photographs scanned and analyzed by George Graham, a Scottish UFOlogist pointed out few photos calling them aliens on the moon. From among the plethora of videos posted on his YouTube channel StreetCap1, there are two distinct videos which show anomalies. According to George, the images were taken by Chinese lunar probe Chang’e 3 where a human looking like structure and a hidden alien spaceship can be seen.

In the first video, the UFOlogist explains a bizarre image that shows a human-like creature. Although this can be a case of pareidolia where human brain creates an image between unrelated patterns to create a recognizable image. He states that the humanoid creature, probably an alien is wearing a helmet and a visor which can be clearly recognized. Also, the body parts are in the right proportion with the distance between shoulders to the head similar to any humans which are quite shocking.

In another video, he shows a UFO being hidden by a rock. The photo was captured by Chang’e 3 which shows a flying saucer-like creation hidden behind a rock which can be clearly seen. George’s channel on YouTube has plenty of videos referencing to aliens on the lunar surface with more than 70,000 subscribers and more than 44 million hits on his channel.

In another instance, people living in the SW part of Bristol, United Kingdom got to see an unidentified object with the moon as the background which has sparked speculations among people who believe in UFOs and aliens. According to a witness present at the moment, the incident took place on March 30 in Bristol street when suddenly, a strange glow hue was seen across the moon which took a flight at high-speed along with few other smaller objects accompanying it.

On January 31, 2018, when the first Super Blood Moon took place, it was live broadcasted on various news channels and websites for the viewers across the globe. During the feed, a bright flashing dot can be seen flying from the left side of the moon from flying at a high-speed from top to the bottom of the screen. What’s more bizarre was a seemingly beaming flash accompanying the bright dot and it flashed at regular interval. This spark debates and discussions between alien buffs and Ufologists regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life which NASA is trying to hide. A similar object was seen during the last moon on November 14 when a David McCarty, a YouTuber spotted the object flying at a great speed across the moon.

UFOlogists have spotted bizarre objects of the moon such as two missiles in the military formation on the moon or when a video of a circular UFO passing over the Moon was discovered. Conspiracy theorists believe that moon is not our satellite but a base created by aliens to keep a watch on humans and spy on us etc. A study conducted by NASA and published in 1962 states that the density of moon is lower in the inner surface as opposed to its outer surface which is dense. According to a theory, since the inside of the moon is hollow, aliens use it as a base keeping an eye on the activities done by people on Earth.

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