Americans say ‘they won’t freak out’ if they encounter aliens, a study suggests

Americans say 'they won't freak out' if they encounter aliens, a study suggests

Sci-Fi and movies related to Aliens have always shown them as aggressive beings trying to conquered and thrown themselves as the most powerful beings. These movies and comics also depict how humans would react fearfully, with hostility, and drenched in sweat but studies conducted among a large group of people have found distinct results. A study was conducted with 500 subjects (humans) and their reactions were recorded and analyze if extraterrestrial life would contact on Earth. The researchers found out that Americans on who the study was conducted for homogeneity would rather behave excited and happy in such circumstances.

According to a study published in ‘Frontiers in Psychology’, more than 500 candidates were selected to undergo analysis on whom Word Count test analysis and Linguistic Inquiry were performed in other to gauge the outcome if such situation would occur. The study was based on how people would react and thus, the results were contrasting. Note that the study was based on what if extraterrestrial life in the form of microbial life were to find and not an actual sentient alien or being. This produced a different output since there is a difference between an alien and microbial life coming in contact with human beings.

Michael Varnum of Arizona State University, Tempe, headed the study where 500 American volunteers described their reactions in such as circumstances and then, the software treated the words used in its algorithm. The conclusion of the study, the results were majorly positive with few negative statements. The software treats the words such as ‘worried’, ‘danger’, ‘bad’, and likes as negative emotion while words like ‘nice’, ‘good’, etc indicate positive emotions. Moving on, volunteers were asked to read newspaper articles dating back to 1996’s ‘fossilized Martian microbes in a meteorite’ and another was based on synthetic bacterial cell reported in 2010.

What if humans intercepted any form of ‘intelligent aliens’? Another part of the study was based on ‘intelligent aliens’ where the volunteers were made to read the article on Oumuamua, however, since the writer exposed the asteroid in a bright light, many volunteers gave a positive emotion. Seth Shostak, an astronomer based in SETI Institute, California said: “If you find intelligent life elsewhere, know that you’re not the only kid on the block”.

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