AMD wrapped off new Radeon Pro SSG mated with 1TB storage facility

AMD wrapped off new Radeon Pro SSG mated with 1TB storage facility

During an official event, AMD, the American conglomerate semiconductor company has revealed its new lineup for GPU. As reported, it has brought up some significant upgrades and changes to the array of its upcoming GPU and has released a novel Radeon Pro graphics card. The new-fangled Radeon Pro SSG has come up with a bunch of improvements and launched with 1 TB storage facility. For the first time, AMD has revealed its new device that is incorporated with SSD.

Features to look for:

Newly opened Radeon Pro SSG is designed with several advanced upgrades for serving a better value. It is equipped with two PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots that allow users to extend the memory facility up to 1TB of NAND memory for the direct utilization and merge to the graphics card. The demo version of Radeon Pro SSG is mated with 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSDs, which is tested for the first time.

This advanced feature is designed with the aim to provide users the facility to store their large datasets to work locally and efficiently, without using the system memory. It will also give the users much faster functionality during the heavy work pressure, without making the system hang.

The Radeon Pro SSG is powered by the Siggraph computer graphics conference which facilitates 8K video that easily runs at 30 frames per second. According to AMD, it is able to function at 90 frames per second. This high-end facility will be more beneficial for the medical researchers, scientist and VR content creators who require high-end renders without long buffering time.

For now Radeon Pro SSG, it will run on Beta version and in 2017, the company is scheduling to release its complete version.

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