Amazon Web Services to train 25000 people on cloud technologies

Amazon Web services

The biggest online marketing barbarian, Amazon is now giving focus to cloud services in India. The company is about to open a pop-up loft in India. It recently opened its data centre in India on 28 June to increase its data sovereignty. The barbarian will also be focusing healthcare and Amazon web services (AWS), that will be almost free service by amazon to train more and more people on cloud and AWS platform. The aim is to train 25000 people within 2 years in a lucrative contract with state-owned National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).

Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, to take special care of the project, have decided to make the infrastructure under his supervision directly. Andy said that its existing app developers and its customers will be able to run its applications on AWS directly. This step has been taken due to repetitive complaints by AWS customers that they were not able to run their apps on AWS due to lack of infrastructure.

Andy said, “We could not be more excited about what we are doing in India. Our CEO and founder Jeff Bezos had communicated they we are investing $5 billion in India across e-commerce business as well as AWS business. Do we employ over 45,000 people here? We had a very big business in India with over 75,000 Indian customers actively using the AWS platform.”

On Wednesday Andy came to India and met the communication and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, to ask for necessary permissions and said that the first infrastructure will provide multiple data centres and multiple availability zones.

“We are not here in India for a couple of years, we are building a long term business that will last over the years,” he added.

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