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Amazon is giving unlimited photo storage via Amazon Cloud Drive to its Prime subscribers that may lure more users in subscribing to the service. The iOS, Android, including Kindle Fire tablet and phone, Windows and Macintosh users can upload their images to the Amazon Cloud Drive. The service will also offer a well-organised synchronisation across various devices. Users will be able to see their online photo library on the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV stick, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and selected smart TVs from Samsung and LG. Amazon’s new Prime Photos service will serve nearly 20 million Prime member. The users will be able to store digital files, including music, movies, documents and photos just like the other standard storage devices like Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, said that the owners of the Fire tablets and smartphones, already have this feature of unlimited storage for any photos taken or saved earlier in this year. Users who joined for Amazon’s Cloud Drive service, whether they were Prime members or not, obtained only 5GB of free storage. According to Amazon, this storage is sufficient to store about 2000 photos.

Users are eligible for unlimited cloud storage option by becoming part of a $99 ( ~ ₹6000;) per-year Prime membership. Announced this Tuesday, it also adds a two-day shipping on over 20 million items, video streaming of movies and TV shows and access to the Kindle e-book library.

The fundamental thought is that Prime customers seem to be more active on online retail giant website and will spend much more time once they join this service. Cloud storage could be the next major attraction for the consumer. Amazon created a buzz when it first provided free unlimited storage for photos on its Fire Phone; however, the phone is made available only through AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK. The Phone is also tied to Amazon’s many other services, but it has been viewed as the flop until now. Amazon terminated with $83 million worth of unsold devices at the end of its third session and has assumed a $170 million charge on the business.

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