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Alto’s Odyssey Review: Alto is back with another thrilling adventure (Must Try)

Alto's Odyssey Review: Alto is back with another thrilling adventure

I love playing games but hunting for a good game ain’t easy. Sometimes I spent around half an hour or more on App stores (both iOS and Android) trying to search for the best game and it doesn’t mean I would resort to a game with rich graphics or bigger plot like Asphalt 8 or PUBG. While searching through hundreds of games, I came across a subtle and simple game ‘Alto’s Adventure’ which takes the concept of endless runners and mesh it together with delightful music and optimistic vibe. Alto is a shepherd who lost all his llamas and he is on a quest to discover and catch all the llamas, score tricks to earn more points and so on. But now, the developers of ‘Alto’s Adventure’ have come up with ‘Alto’s Odyssey’

Alto’s Odyssey is a procedurally generated game running in front of a number of locales such as canyons, dunes, temples, etc. The new iteration gets bumps in terms of new locations, new tricks, and much more than its predecessor while keeping the same vibe and excitement intact through the game. Alto sandboards on dunes and deploys a number of tricks such as jump, backflip(s), and few new tricks while evading all the obstacles such as stones and enemies that fall during the game at every stage.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as ‘Alto’s Adventures’ which makes it easy for users to stay connected to the game while executing new tricks and evading enemies while running on various locations and with various obstacles in between. The scoring system remains the same as you will be rewarded for every meter in length you run along with activities you execute and enemies you evade while those who know about the previous game, you can score more by executing multiple tricks at once.

Alto's Odyssey Review: Alto is back with another thrilling adventure (Must Try)

Say running on a vine grind and backflipping once or twice or if its a cliff, you can go to triple or even quintuple backflips but that’s something depends on your luck as landing inappropriately while end the game, though you can continue from the same spot by spending coins or watching ads. The best thing about ‘Alto’s Adventures’ and ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ is how the game is crafted with no violent graphics, soothing vector designs, calming and altering colors spread across the spectrum, special effects in the background and more which are is USPs.

Another best aspect of playing Alto’s Odyssey is the soundtrack that plays in the background. And no, it isn’t anything like Subway Surfers or Temple Run but this particular game uses soothing and calming soundtrack in the background that enhances the gaming experience. You might end of playing the game more than you think you would thank its great graphics and soundtrack that I mentioned above.

Further, running might seem easy as it Temple Run or Subway Surfers but on Alto’s Odyssey, you could never predict what’s ahead as it unfolds to some extent in real time. This makes the game challenging enough to play while keeping the excitement to know what’s ahead and how to evade it. Moreover, unlike Alto’s Adventures, Alto’s Odyssey have new tricks that unfold after several stages only. It includes new tricks like Pool Swim that allows you to bounce back in the air to continue backflipping more times compared to the previous game where you had a little window to complete your backflip or else, you won’t die and would have to start afresh.

If you are looking for something original with a tingle of challenging vibe and a great soundtrack, download Alto’s Odyssey and witness a never-played-before experience.

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