Alone crosses 3 crore mark in its first day collection

Alone movie that casts Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu’s Alone hit the theaters on Friday, and the social networking sites are buzzing with messages for the actors.

The recent updates revealed that ‘Alone’ has managed to accumulate 3.25crs (approx.) at the Box office on the 1st day of the release.

Bipasha Basu has undoubtedly turned out to be the Horror Queen of Bollywood. Most of her films are of horror genre (Raaz, Raaz 3, etc), so expectations from Alone were high. But the film’s release got a rather lukewarm response.

Alone is a story played by Bipasha Basu as the twins who are conjoined at birth. They have poles apart personalities, portraying good and evil, who end up falling in love with the same guy, Karan Singh Grover.

In the most clichéd way, Karan chooses the good sister while the other one dies in an operation to separate the sisters. Then follows the haunting of the evil sister who must claim the hero even if it means in death.

Although the actors are shown flaunting their well- toned bodies, Alone’s story is somewhat intriguing, at least the elementary parts; as the story of conjoined twins make for an interesting start.

But what follows are the horror sequences which are nothing out-of-the-box and most of them are just taken from various horror films and even from TV serials like ‘Shh….Koi hai’ and ‘Aahat’.

To ruin the horror, just before any horror sequence is about to unfurl, there is an implied noise that takes away the surprise fear element. The horror film also lacked a good promotion because of its gimcrack treatment and suggestively bad plot.

The film was expected to earn in the range of Rs 4.5-5 crore to bank back its investments, but it definitely suffered a huge blow from Vikram’s I which released on the same day.
Alone as a horror film has nothing new to show for. Our suggestion would be to watch it only if you are ready to sacrifice good horror for a flesh appeal.

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