Aliens will make them known to the humans in next fifteen years

Aliens will make them known to the humans in next fifteen years

Extraterrestrial beings might soon make them known on Earth, according to an author and a conspiracy theorist named Graham Hancock who has been in the limelight after his YouTube Channel named ‘StreetCap1’ received more than 70,000 subscribers and more than 44 million hits with videos describing the UFOs and its sighting around the globe, the moon and around the ISS. A channel named Conspiracy Depot uploaded a new video on YouTube that shows seven mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs) around the International Space Station which has sparked debate among conspirators and skeptics.

The video clearly points out seven blurry unidentified objects near the ISS one-by-one. The YouTuber analyzed the live feed by ISS shot on March 31, 2018. Then, he pointed out seven flashing objects flying in the space within the frame. Although these objects aren’t clearly visible, a blurry image shows that there is something in the view. The video released on YouTube has since been seen over 403 times at the time of writing this article.

But this isn’t the first time people and mostly conspirators and alien buffs have come across sighting of unidentified objects. In fact, in an exclusive interview with a conspiracy theorist Graham Hancock, he has clearly mentioned that sightings have increased at a dramatic rate. He compared Earth with a large planet-sized lab for the aliens who might not be hostile. Aliens are believed to have advanced technology to travel massive distances and sophisticated technology and gadgets that are so advanced, they could wipe out the humanity in a blink of an eye.

Graham also hinted towards a possible treaty signed between world leaders on Earth and the extraterrestrial beings as per which, the aliens will make them known to the humanity in next fifteen years when the treaty ends. He believes that since we are still alive, there are chances that the aliens around us are peacefully and just want to connect with humans to offer their piece of technology rather than destroying the humans which is a strongly believed notion.

In the interview, Graham compared the aliens with observers or watchers who are watching over the Earth before making contact with us. He is a well-establishment author whose books on ancient civilizations and mysterious have sold more than half million copies in 27 languages worldwide. But, if there are conspiracy theorists, there are skeptics too. A larger group of people have already denied existence of such extraterrestrial beings and that, the video shot by ISS on March 31, 2018, and posted by ‘Conspiracy Depot’ was actually shot during the falling of Tiangong-1, the Chinese space station that plunged into the Earth’s atmosphere yesterday after spending more than a year hovering into the space uncontrolled.

One of our previous reports stated about the sightings of 2 UFOs on the moon that were captured by Chang’e, a Chinese lunar probe. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other sightings that have questioned the existence of alien life and UFOs. No doubt there is a large number of people on Earth who believe that NASA has already encountered with alien life and has been hiding the fact from the public.

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  • Increase the tax from poor tax payers for, the advance search for unknown species in un-know part of the universe or multiverse …:)

  • total farce,i am listening to these cooked up stories for the past 40 years,all kinds of make believe evidences are made up ,and a few guys who are designers of such fantasies mint money..

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