Watch Video: Are they Aliens or Paranormal creatures? Mystery of Alien Sighting in Vishakhapatnam

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After so many theories about alien’s life, you may also hear about the latest alien controversy coming from Vizag. A new finding from the place has started creating hype after three birds found in a construction site at Vizag.

The species came to light when some locals took videos and pictures, thinking that the different looking birds were aliens. This decision from experts put their theory down, as Nehru zoological park officials stated that the birds are from the barn owl species, not aliens.

It’s true that the creatures do look odd and a little mysterious. Much to everyone’s disappointment, however, far from being extra-terrestrial creatures, they found out to be just old barn owls. This different yet beautiful species is found around Central India and is characterised by odd heart-shaped faces and beaks that point downward. Their apparently strange behaviour just stemmed from being daunted and terrified.

Curator Shivani Dongre said that the findings are beautiful creatures which are found downwards from central India. Their heart shaped faces, and downward beaks are one of the characteristics of the species.

If we will believe every single alien sighting in the world, then they would be walking among us. However, these sightings and theories are usually exposed, and there do not seem to be any aliens on the planet as of this now.

These birds seemed entirely different due to the lack of feathers as well. Veterinary doctors say that these birds are chicks and therefore their feathers are still in growing phase. Dr Narasimha Reddy, a well-known veterinarian, said that they could have been chicks who were hungry and waiting for their mother to bring some food that is why they were standing on their legs. It is also possible that because they were under construction site, it caused them some skin infection and their feathers fall off.

Medical experts also stated that the birds looked malnourished and they were in need of medical attention. The birds are not seen in the day unless they are changing their roosting sites.

Nowadays many controversies are coming over the same topic ‘the existence of aliens’. Despite rejecting the existence of aliens, NASA is still hiding information about another world. But it is somehow becoming the latest talk of the town, and the general public still has the same curiosity about the alien’s existence. However, scientists suggested that do not believe any information leaked without their approval but this kind of news increases everyone’s adrenaline rush.

However, NASA is still accused of not disclosing the real information about the paranormal activities happening in the space.

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