Alien’s new face found on the planet Mars: SEE PIC


Aliens have always been the much-discussed and highly debatable topic. Some people believe that aliens exist and some not. In a recent speculation about aliens, it is touted that a face like design found carved on the rock on the planet Mars.

Earlier, The TeCake reported that eating utensils found on the red planet and now a face like a design on the rock get captured. Talking about the recent proof; large eye sockets, open mouth and the hardly recognizable nose is carved on the rock which resembles a typical face nowhere related to humans. So, whose face is that if it’s not of the human.

Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring claims to have discovered a four-legged alien creature on Mars which appears like a hairy spider monkey. The species is standing with the support of its longer upper arms and shorter lower legs. The UFOlogist then zoomed in the image and threw some light upon to find two distinct eyes in the image. Waring says that the creature is watching the Mars rover while NASA spacecraft was busy in clicking images.

Like this case, the same UFOlogist found another thing like a gigantic spoon. Also, alien hunters have spotted several objects to prove alien life on Mars including insects near Curiosity rover, UFO near ISS, carved face monument on Mars, alien missile on Mars, Greek God Pan, Machine used by aliens, two strange artifacts, gold ring and alien gloves, Gautam Buddha statue, and much more including alien city, drone, goblin face, etc. All these things point towards the alien life on the red planet and shut down all the conspiracy theorists.

It is not a whopping news when we are listening about UFOs. Recently, three UFOs were spotted near ISS leaving the signs of the presence of aliens, a new YouTube video has also started surfacing on the Internet and going viral showing the same three UFOs about which we were discussing in our previous articles.

In the video, a teenager captured them in his smartphone when they were flying over his head. However, as usual, the real mystery remained unsolved but the difference here is that this time the UFO sighting is that much considered because it has directly come from the ISS’s live footage of earth.

If these things are not related to the other species’ life than where these things come from? Why UFOs get detected in space? What is the logic behind all the things and structures which get captured? Is there any life outside the earth? What are NASA and ISRO is hiding from us? Do they know about the existence of aliens? If yes, then why don’t they answer affirmatively?

These questions have always been unanswered by the reputed space agencies and many alien enthusiasts accuse these agencies too for not admitting the truth.

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