Is it alien spaceship or cloud? Three UFO seen flying near International Space Station

Aliens exist? Three alien spaceship spotted lingering around ISS in NASA live feed (VIdeo+)

Do aliens live? Is extraterrestrial life possible? These are among the biggest mysteries of the humanity. Meanwhile, a recent discovery might put a full stop to such questions as alien hunters and conspiracy theorists claim that they have spotted three alien spaceships flying near the International Space Station (ISS). The three spaceships look extraterrestrial pointing towards the existence of alien life.

YouTuber Third Phase of Moon has made the stunning video which clearly shows three white colour circular spaceships flying near ISS.  “We’ve got three strange anomalies drifting downwards just above the Earth’s atmosphere. Is this something extraterrestrial?” said the editor in the video.

He further explained that the strange objects could not be lens flare and neither be some mysterious cloud as they are in hemispherical in shape. However, some people believe it to be nothing more than just strangely shaped clouds. Some alien seekers pointed out that the alien lifeform might be intelligent and superior from us as they know how to build spaceships and reach Earth after intergalactic travel. Also, they might start a war in near future to utilise our resource and we should do everything possible to avoid such a situation.

Whatever, it might be, but it has once again given rise to the conspiracy that we are not alone in this universe. Apparently, the video has stunned the people as they started questioning NASA for revealing the truth behind the video. NASA officials are still silent on the footage and no one has come out explain whether the claim is correct or irrelevant.

It is not the first time that UFO hunters have spotted UFO near ISS. NASA has cut the live feed several times when something strange (UFO) has appeared on the screen. Also, people claim that astronauts aboard ISS accidentally revealed codename for UFO once — Gospel. “On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel,” to which ISS staff replied: “We will pray for you up there. You have our prayers.” Waring says that most likely it is the voice of Commander Jeff Williams itself.

Many UFO hunters believe that aliens constantly linger around International Space Station and talk to astronauts but NASA is hiding it from people on Earth as it might create chaos. This is not the first time when live feed was cut after strange activity was spotted on the screen.

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