Do aliens exist? NASA Curiosity might have recorded proof of life on Mars (Video+)

Conspiracies on the existence of aliens are catching fire these days and every image or footage by NASA are revealing something strange that hints towards the existence of alien life. YouTuber Mars Alive has claimed that he has found proof of life in the NASA live feed where Curiosity rover is drilling on the Martian surface.

The alien hunter has cut the video clip from the feed in which a small alien creature is feeding on a smaller creature. He has slowed the video and marked the spot where the creature is feeding else the video hasn’t been touched, claims Mars Alive. He further added that the creature was very near to the rover and NASA couldn’t have missed it.

Another UFO hunter, UFO Sightings Daily after watching the video said, “Here you see the Curiosity rover drilling into the dirt on Mars and as it is, a small critter is seen walking away from the drill area. To top it off, the small creature walks just a little way, before something even bigger stretches out from below a rock and snags it.”

Several mysterious objects have been found on the Red Planet including Greek God Pan statue, Number 2, goblin face, skull, Gautam buddha statue, army base, city, drone and much more. All these objects suggest that aliens used to live there on the Mars and they were intelligent and cultured like humans.

Alien hunters claim that American space agency NASA cannot miss so many questionable objects. In addition, NASA has several times cut the live feed from International Space Station when something strange (UFO) has appeared on the camera. Therefore, conspiracy theorists claim that scientists at NASA know about the existence of aliens but they are hiding it from us stating that it might pareidolia — a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

Watch the video titled NASA What has Curiosity rover detected here? Explain!! Insect?

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