Do aliens exist? Carved face monument found on Mars in NASA image, Watch Video

It seems every image from Mars gives something to conspiracy theorists that hint towards the past alien life on Mars. Once again, alien hunter and Youtuber, Paranormal Crucible has found something that hints towards existence of aliens on the red planet.

This time, alien searcher has spotted carved face on a mountain located on Mars. The face is located in the top portion of the mountain and is fairly large. Paranormal Crucible has processed the image to make the carving more vivid and easier for you to see. The carving shows side face of a human-like face which has well-defined hair, nose, eyes, and lips.

“Interesting artifact that for me confirms yet again that an ancient civilization did exist on Mars. Although i did process this image, all the details are there, i have added nothing, apart from colorization and smoother techniques to negate the pixelation. Not many natural rocks have hair, eyes, a defined nose, and lips, must be pareidolia,” wrote YouTuber in the description of the video.

The carving suggests that intelligent alien life used to live on the Mars in the past and NASA knows about it but for some reasons, it is hiding from us.

Alien findings in images released by NASA has gained fire these days. Conspiracy theorists have spotted several objects like ancient gold ring, Greek god Pan, Number 2, alien base camp, misslile, drone, and most famous find — the Gautum buddha statue. All these things suggest that alien used to live on Mars and they were intelligent as well as cultured too just like humans.

However, some say these findings are Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists .

Watch the video titled Carved Face Mountain Found on Mars?


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