Aliens exist? Alien hunters find evidence of UFO landing in Google Maps

google alien

A mysterious sighting on Google Maps is being considered as a proof for the existence of aliens, and their frequent visits on Earth. The satellite images of a suspicious area in Argentina, which is a small circular piece of land is thought to be the safe house for a massive UFO according to some conspiracists.

Not only the conspiracists but this area on the capital city of Buenos Aires has also bewildered everyone else due to its strange appearance and mysterious activities taking place over there. The Ojo de la Tierra also has members of the scientific community baffled as it is merely a small island but its shape is perfectly round. The piece of land is essentially a disc, measuring 118 metres in diameter and it also rotates by itself – something that has led perplexed experts to describe it as a phenomenon unlike nothing else.

The authorities have no answer to any of the questions and the so-called ‘truthers’ say that the reason the happenings cannot be explained because they are extraterrestrial in nature. The coordinates for the small rotating disc are 34 ° 15’07.8’S 58 ° 49’47.4 “W, and it is believed by some to be an actual spaceship or a UFO of some kind, that is camouflaged by veiling it under the Earthly features.

google alien

Scott C. Waring on website UFO Sighting Daily said of the natural phenomenon: “Argentina has an overabundance of UFO sightings compared to the rest of the world, and I believe this is how aliens try to hide this particular entrance to their base.” He added that the shape of the circular land is large enough to fit a 100 meter UFO through it loosely, and to uncover its hidden secrets, we need to dive into the water below it and explore. Ufologists claimed the above observations about strange Google Maps’ images and provided further proof of aliens.

In the other news, NASA notoriously stirred some gossips earlier this month by releasing images captured by its Curiosity rover showing what may have been signs of past life. The so-called fossils, in the form of small shaped grooves, were one and two millimetres in width and five millimetres in length. They can be either the dead remains of the past living creatures or the things left by them.

Dr Barry DiGregorio, research fellow for Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, expressed his belief of trace fossils being an explanation. He said in a statement to Daily Star Online, “If trace fossils are on Mars, as I think they are and new Curiosity images show, it moved through ancient shallow marine sediments in a lake in Gale Crater. Like the multicellular life on Earth during the Ordovician, left evidence of its movements through shallow marine sediments.” He further added, “Trace fossils record the movement of soft-bodied creatures through marine and mud-like sediments, and they are not body fossils.”

Dr DiGregorio has even challenged NASA to dare coming up with another conclusion, while Curiosity project scientist, Ashwin Vasavada, described the discovery as “unique” and vowed he “won’t rule out” the prospect of trace fossils. The fossils apparently date back to 700 million years ago, the time that is believed to be when Mars was probably prospering with life.

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