Aliens exist? Alien hunters baffled as two different sky watchers confirm to see same UFO in night sky

Aliens exist? Alien hunters baffled as two different sky watchers confirm to see same UFO in night sky

Are we alone? Do aliens exist? These questions have baffled scientists for centuries as some believe that intelligent alien life exists in some distant corner of the Universe. While some alien enthusiasts believe that aliens visit us and they have presented several evidences to prove the alien sighting. In a similar scenario, alien hunters claimed that they saw a slow moving UFO passing over Atlantic. What’s striking is that two different sources witnessed the mysterious UFO from opposite ends of the pond.

The reports came through the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that tries to find out the alien life and investigates the alien sighting across the globe. Two different sources contacted the MUFON about the same alien sighting last night. First witness reported the UFO passage over Nevada and recorded the video in his camera. MUFON confirmed that the bright object in sky was neither an aircraft nor any meteor. Apparently,  alien buffs are confident that it was an alien aircraft passing over Earth as they came to monitor our activities.

The report said: “Our all-sky night camera caught this unusual bright object pass overhead, Highway 395 Inyo county, heading west over the Sierra Nevada. It was too late at night to be a satellite (plus satellites don’t travel E to W) and too slow for a meteor. The entire passage lasted 80 seconds. An aircraft might be possible, but normally aircraft at night flying high are almost totally dark and invisible, this thing got near magnitude -6 at the high point, with multiple colors white, green, pink. Unlikely to be aircraft headlights, since it got brightest when it was nearly overhead, not when approaching, so would be looking right at the object’s side when brightest. This is a rural area with no nearby airports. Was indoors at the time, so can’t say if it made any sound or not. No loud sound.”

Second witness reported the alien sighting from the West of Ireland. He is an experienced sky watcher and knows how celestial bodies in the sky. He explained that he can identify abnormal activities in the sky whether is the falling of meteor or UFO flying in sky.

“I also know what a satellite and space debris looks like. Tonight I saw a strobe-like flash in the sky to the north west from the corner of my eye and again several seconds later. It initially appeared not to be moving but I soon realised it was moving considerably slower than an aircraft or way slower than a satellite and space debris,” said second witness.

After the reports, Conspiracy theorists became active once again and started buzzing about the presence of alien life. Some believe that repeated alien sighting nearby Earth is a proof that they are spying us and monitoring our activities and one day they might attack us to capture our resources.

This isn’t the first alien sighting this year as 2018 has already witnesses several UFO sightings. Recently, Peruvians witnessed the most mysterious sighting of a massive fireball, which could be deduced for a UFO, in the skies of South America. In a similar UFO sighting, people spotted a vertical unidentified flying object in skies of Mexico. People also spotted a circular greenish UFO on New Year’s Eve in the sky of Yorkshire, UK. The residents saw the suspected object and they took the social media as a platform to express their fear and anxiety.

The small but significant proofs about the existence of Aliens are building up day by day. Earlier in the news, there was a controversy over a small, perfectly round shaped island in Argentina, which was spotted in Google Maps by a fine gentleman. Not only the conspiracists but this area on the capital city of Buenos Aires has also bewildered everyone else due to its strange appearance and mysterious activities taking place over there. You can read more about the story here.

Somewhere else in the news, there was a mention of Aliens sending us radio signals, as an international team of astronomers has advanced a step closer to solving this big question mark associated with the blasts that occur far away in the space. These bursts emit a significant amount of energy in a millisecond that is more than the total energy radiated by our sun in a single day. To find out more, head over here.

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