Alien hunters spot UFO flying near ISS; Is NASA hiding truth? (Video+)

It seems alien hunters are not giving any chance to NASA to escape and they seem very strong on their stand as they constantly come up with something which suggests that the US space agency knows about the existence of aliens but still they are hiding it from us.

Alien hunter and Youtuber Streetcap1 has uploaded a video on his channel that shows a strange object possibly a UFO near the Internation Space Station (ISS). The long arm shaped UFO is flying in the sunlight, coming near to the ISS and then went away.

UFO hunter Scott C Warring writes, “As proof that the UFO is there, as the light comes around, the UFO begins to light, but not before NASA goes to blue screen. I feel that the public is trusting NASA less and less when it comes to revealing life on other planets. Their true goal seems to be to gather important intelligence, and drip feed the public enough to satisfy their curiosity.”

It is not the first time that UFO hunters have spotted UFO near ISS. NASA has cut the live feed several times when something strange (UFO) has appeared on the screen. Also, people claim that astronauts aboard ISS accidentally revealed codename for UFO once — Gospel.

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