Alien hunters spot machine used by aliens on Mars in NASA Curiosity image

Alien hunter UFO Sightings Daily that constantly posts about UFO sightings and alien findings has spotted a machine on the red planet in the image captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover that is exploring Mars in search water and life.

According to the editor Scott C Waring, the strange objects resembles like a transmission of a car and it is very unlikely humans have put it there. So it is for sure that aliens have put it there after using it for several times. Also, it is a proof that aliens exist and they are not only advance but cultured too just like humans.


“Surely it’s not possible but it is definitely a machine of some sort. The strange thing about it is that it appears newer, more reflective and more black than its surroundings. That means it’s being used or has been recently used. Someone is keeping it clean,” said Scott Waring.


Recently, several strange objects have been spotted on Mars in images captured by Curiosity rover. Alien hunters have found three old alien faces on the Red Planet. The faces are actually made well, but the material they are made with seems to be lumpy and awkward to have worked with. As if it was made with many clumps of clay layers on one handful at a time, each being a new lumo. (Read More).

They also found apartments, buildings and houses in the low-resolution Mars image. This suggests that civilisation used to live on Mars. (Read More)

Researchers have also found snake, gold ring and alien glove in the image captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. However, the most famous find was the Gautam Buddha statue which was discovered last year in October and hit the world as a storm. NASA doesn’t usually respond to such claims, but the US space agency did respond to the claim of Gautam Buddha statue found on the red planet.

All these discoveries suggest that aliens exist and alien hunters claim that NASA knows about aliens but they are hiding it from us.

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