Alien exists? Alien hunters find head of Darth Vader on Mars

Alien exists? Alien hunters find head of Darth Vader on Mars

Alien hunter and UFOlogist Scott C. Waring has found another mysterious object on the Mars suggesting the existence of alien life in the universe. Waring has found a head resting on the surface of the red planet and considers the stunning new discovery as a legit proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars. The head has remarkably clear facial features like two round crab like eyes, distinct nose, cheeks, mouth, chin and lower teeth.

Apparently, the newly discovered face is a lot smaller when compared to iconic villain Darth Vader featured in the Star Wars series. While describing the bluish-coloured head, Waring said that it measures nearly 1-inch across and 5 inches in height. He also pointed out that the new find is not a sculpture but remains of a species that once lived on Mars.

The astonishing discovery proves that we are not alone in this universe and life does exist in other parts of the world. Also, conspiracy theorists claim that we cannot deny the possibilities of intelligent extraterrestrial life as they know how to make sculptures and travel to different planets and galaxies within a short span of time.

This is not the first time that alien seekers have spotted mysterious objects on Mars. Previously they have discovered several objects to prove alien life on Mars including insects near Curiosity rover, UFO near ISS, carved face monument on Mars, alien missile on Mars, Greek God Pan, Machine used by aliens, two strange artifacts, gold ring and alien gloves, Gautam Buddha statue, and much more including alien city, drone, goblin face, etc. All these things point towards the alien life on the red planet and shut down all the conspiracy theorists.

Some conspiracy theorists confidently claim that the US space agency NASA knows about the existence of aliens and this might be the reason they are planning to send humans to Mars. Also, alien seekers have spotted UFOs and alien spaceships lingering around the International Space Station. All these things point towards the existence of intelligent alien life.

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