Alien existed? Buddha Statue found on Mars, claims UFO Sightings Daily

Alien existed? Buddha Statue found on Mars, claims UFO Sightings Daily

Soon after the evidence of water was found the Mars which was also claimed as one of the biggest discovery of the century, the red planet is again in the news. Scientific efforts are being made to find extraterrestrial life, meanwhile Gaint Gautam Buddha statue has been located on the Mars suggesting that some intelligent life form existed on the red planet several years ago.

While examining the image captured by the American Space Agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Curiosity rover, UFO-aficionados at ‘UFO Sightings Daily’ discovered unimaginable site which resembled like giant Gautam Buddha statue similar to what is present on Earth.

The statue-like figure appears to be carved and it is very rare that such a statue would have been made by natural activities. Gautam Buddha in the statue appears to be in half sitting and half sleeping position.

After water presence was confirmed by NASA, another study confirmed that river existed on the red planet and its ferocious nature caused round shape of pebbles and dragged them up to 50 km in the riverbed. Existed of water directly point towards existence of life on the red planet. Now, the statue-like structure is acting like a catalyst.

UFO Sightings Daily member Scott Waring said that NASA has already discovered alien life, but the American space agency is hiding the truth from the world. ”This photo alone should be enough to convince the United Nations that intelligent life once existed on Mars, but NASA doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, because they will be asked to share the info and technology that they have found,” Waring said.

Although there might be a chance that statue is just an illusion of our mind but it has provided the material for conspiracy theorists.

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  • I my views on Hindu Mythology is being reinforced again and again. Hindu Culture is the oldest. Human civilization is not of some thousand years but it is much older than this, say millions or billions years old. Hindu Mythology will become a Reality one day. It’s a Statue of Buddha or simply a statue, a matter of further investigation.

    • The Hindu holy books, like the Vedas talk of God’s on what are clearly craft of some kind. If only the west would read more. The’gita is another one. They are amazing in what they tell us but also the philosophy is greater than the Romans and Greeks. Totally agree with you on Hindu culture. It was so advanced. The artifacts in India are beyond belief. There is a granite water tank 8′ across and 5 ‘deep. It’s a perfect ⭕ the date is 3000 years. You can hold a steel straight edge anywhere and see no light. The place is littered with things like that

    • If Hindu culture is millions or billions of years old, after all this time judging by how advanced they are today, I seriously doubt they are capable of travelling between planets

      • Hindu civilization is “Sanatan Dharama” more then 2000000 years old. till 5000 years back people had capacity to control cosmic powers, which is not the case in todays materialistic world.

        SO called science of today is not a new born baby in comparision to the old science and technology. What we read Ramayan/Mahabharata is not mythology but truth. Muslim has been evolved from Hindu dharma only around 3500 years back, Jesus was in India around 2500 years back at the time of BUddha, and achieved self consciousness and went back to west with preachings of Budhha.

        Lot many research evidences are available on internet for the same, and still you are not satisfied, then come to India and search the manuscripts written 10000s years back , and will take more then a life time to go through all and to understand hindu dharma.

      • Buddha (Siddhartha) the person was Hindu and in many regards the philosophy and esoterisms of Buddhism are an offshoot of Hinduism intertwined with the same concepts like karma and dharma. All in the history books. It’s the same like Jesus not being a Christian, but Jewish instead. Founder does not equate to followers or deciples.

  • Buddha was the founder of buddhism which means nontheistic religion and he doesnt belong to an indian statue. Buddha was born in Nepal.

    • 2500 years back there were no boundries to define countries, the world was one. And buddism was came in existence to prevent killing and cruelty of Human being over animals. Please refer history , manuscripts for more details, rather then posting silly comments.

  • Maybe it’s all been done before. Maybe all past civilizations on Earth have reached the point of advanced technology and space travel. Then something has wiped out the civilization, causing survivors to have to start over. Aren’t our deserts, supposed to be the result of past nuclear explosions? Alternatively, maybe we originated on Mars and then moved to Earth, after Mars was nuked? There’s always the Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory to reconsider too.

    • This is all from reading graphic novels and watching B movies,that is the closest Americans get to a science education.

      • This is from keeping an open ‘British’ mind and not taking to heart what i’m spoon-fed by Governments and Religions (or Asperger’s trolls in deck chairs).

      • Yes you are correct in your assertion about American education. Liberals control education. No wonder education is lacking.

    • You direction of thinking is right,but not all correct. There are all human, nothing exist something like Aliens, As per Indian Knowledge, there are 14 other planets or places in the universe with human or similar life which are more advance spritually then human beings. Which toady’s science says is extra terrestrial.

  • Beau locks. R.soles & krap. You can do exactly the same thing on Earth with cliff faces. Mankind is programmed from birth to look for and see human faces and body shapes. Look at enough random rocks, which is about all the Mars rovers do, and you will see umpteen faces, figures and other familiar shapes. Look at them from another angle, and it’s just a rock.

  • You UFO devotees get sillier by the day . Random patterns in rock interpreted by magical thinking technopesants are not evidence of anything other than morons who can turn on a computer

  • There is no written historical evidence to prove that either Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed actually existed. They are simply stories supported by blind faith.
    As for the, so called, Buddha statue on Mars, this is simply what the Fortean Times refers to as Simulacrum.

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