Alcohol consumption by women may lead to unsafe and unexpected sex

Consuming alcohol by young women might me dangerous for health as it might lead to unsafe and unexpected sex, claims a new study conducted by an Indian-origin researcher. Alcohol directly affects the mind and makes reflexes go slow, apart from taking emotions out especially in young women. Previous studies suggest that alcohol consumption is linked with risky and unsafe sexual encounter. However, this study brought out what women expect to happen before drinking alcohol and what actually happens?

Lead study author Geetanjali Chander, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University said, “The idea behind our study was to first unveil what women expect to happen, and then uncover what consequences really occur.” She further added that study will help women in accepting unrealistic expectations and understanding the fact that they are drunk and what necessary steps should be taken to have safer experiences.

For the study. Chander along with her colleagues involved 20 African-American women. All the volunteers went through mental grilling session and were asked several in-depth questions. All the participant were involved in heavy drinking in the past six months and had sexual encounter after getting drunk.

It was found that all the participants experienced majorly five types sexual events at moderate frequency, namely — sex with new partners; alternative sexual activities, including anal sex and “rough” sex; unprotected sex; blacked-out sex or sex occurring during alcohol-related amnesia; and rape.

Previous studies suggest that young women think that alcohol will improve their sex drive and will lead to a better experience. However, this new study led by Indian-origin Chander revealed mind boggling fact and warned women that what they think is unrealistic and things don’t go as expected and have several consequences.

Chander believes that young women should understand this disconnect to protect themselves from consequences and live a safer life.

The study appeared online in Women’s Health Issues.

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