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Akshay Kumar’s critically acclaimed Baby has been decided over for a sequel. The shooting of which will begin in early 2016 and it will be releasing on Republic Day 2017. Akshay Kumar has been in agreement, readily after hearing about the sequel.

“This Baby will be an even bigger adrenaline rush than the first film,” Producer Bhushan Kumar has said. He is delighted to partner with director Neeraj Pandey and actor Akshay Kumar on the sequel.

Baby gained its popularity because of its storyline that shows the struggle of the Indian army and how they deal with terrorism activists to save the nation from them while putting their lives at stake.

As an actor, Akshay Kumar has been elevated to another level in his acting career and he says that there was nothing to thought of twice before saying yes for Baby 2. There are still certain details and scripts that need to be worked out for the film.

Baby has been a great film to show the people of India that no mission is impossible if we set our minds towards it and that right will always be right even if it loses all of its followers. Baby has been a source of inspiration among the youth of the nation to serve in the army.

The movie release dates have been decided as exactly two years after the release of the first one. Now what we have to see is that will Baby 2 be able to provide as much enthusiasm as Baby? Will it provide justice to Baby?

The questions we have in store will take around two years to be answered. In the meantime, we will enjoy Akshay Kumar’s other entertaining films like ‘Brothers’ which is due to release on 14 August 2015.

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