Airtel reaches landmark of 50 Kerala towns with 4G services

India is steadily advancing in the 4G technology. Airtel, the telecom giant, which first launched its 4G services in August 2015 are now live in 50 towns in Kerala. The 4G services started with the city of Kochi.

George Mathen, Hub CEO – Kerala & Tamil Nadu for Bharti Airtel in a press statement said, “As customers in India show an increasing propensity for consuming data services, we at Airtel are excited to take the lead in introducing the market to the power of blazing 4G speeds. We recently launched “Project Leap”, our national network transformation drive, and look forward to augmenting our 4G presence in Kerala and deliver a compelling network experience for our customers now and in years to come.”

Airtel in November 2015, announced the Project Leap and said that over the next three years its capital expenditure in networks will rise to Rs 60,000 crore.

With rival Reliance ready to roll out its Jio 4G network this year, Airtel is working hard by boosting investment in 4G networks. Airtel is already at a disadvantage as Reliance owns the 4G spectrum across India.

Airtel with its Project Leap program is looking to transform its network, hence, will double its base stations over the next 10 years. The  has planned for massive modernization of networks, upgrading of copper line, and swap out legacy networks under the project.

The Project Leap is a 10-point programme and Airtel has launched a special website that allows customers to know everything they want to about the Project

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