Long-term effect of worsening air pollution in big Indian cities is major threat to our future generation, said Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science and Tehnology. While speaking at CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute on Environment Day, the BJP leader said that apart from Nagpur the CSIR-NEERI should deploy its MEMCL (Mobile Emission Monitoring and Control Laboratory) in other cities across the nation to keep the pollution under check.

“The world is threatened by climate change and the entire human civilization as we know it is on the brink of extinction. It is up to our scientists to save us and CSIR-NEERI is one of those foundations at the forefront of the search for solutions,” said Dr. Harsha Vardhan.

He requested the citizens of the country to come together and join with the environment enthusiasts to protect our mother earth. While explaining the Central government’s policies regarding environment he said that waste management is amongst the top priorities and government has already started working on it.

In addition, Dr. Vardhan said that currently the air pollution in cities isn’t that worse and media has created the hype that has made people go panic. He assured people that there is nothing to worry as of now. However, if nothing is done to control the air pollution nationwide the condition might become worse and it will lead to several problems in long run.

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  • Santosh Bhatnagar

    No serious effort has been made in the direction of combating atmospheric pollution and providing clean potable water to the citizens of this country, the law makers and city-fathers have no time or will to improve the quality of life of its citizens. When they talk about the atmospheric pollution, they can’t think beyond the vehicular pollution. How much pollution is being created by industries or poorly maintained diesel engines/vehicles, industries, poorly designed roads, garbage and filth on the roads that is churned by vehicles during their course of movements. I earnestly wish that the city-fathers should take a walk on such roads and lanes in white clothes, experience the pollution and dust, inspect their clothes after a kilometer of walk. With mild showers, or frequent overflowing sewage from manholes, it is impossible to take a walk on roads, potholes filled with muddy and sewage water, no place for the pedestrians to walk, passing vehicles splashing the muddy water over the pedestrians, it is hell for the elderly people to walk on such roads. This is possibly the reason, we can’t eradicated breath related infections, the doctors are happy, including the health minister. Municipal authorities keep ignoring any dug-up road for years, at times such ditches are filled up by some people with garbage, which gets distributed evenly into the atmosphere creating infection and respiratory diseases.
    I suggest that this aspect be taken up by some strong media in the interest of the health of poor public. Showing the influentials with brooms is not going to solve this problem. As a qualified doctor, Dr Harshvardhan should know such facts and take strong action, believe me if there is a strong move by the government, public will come forward and make his hands stronger.

  • Kshirsagar

    Hello Mr Health Minister ..what ha happened to you? Do you want to give up ? See the various reports do not blame Media ….We are suffering you are living a well guarded life ..We are fed up with such Ministers who blame media when it speaks truth and you cant see it….Check You are a Dotcor also…

  • Monojit Bhattacharya

    There should be an
    immediate stop to the dumping of chemicals and pollutants into the rivers. This
    should be done in priority rather than paying heed to NGOs with inti-development
    agenda raising hue and cry over impact on aquatic life due to dam construction.