AIB Roast cast sent legal notices for vulgarity

AIB Roast Tecake

AIB roast has faced controversies throughout the nation, and while some people realized that it was made of humor, many have taken the offense. With many protests and controversies surrounding the roast, it was not surprising when Karan and other members of the roast were sent legal notices regarding the vulgar content of the show.

Aamir Khan showcased his opinion saying that the roast was violent and disturbing, whereas Salman Khan has also showed his anguish since his family also received the butt of jokes in the session. Salman is rumored to have threatened to leave KJo’s Shuddi, which was directed by Karan Malhotra.

KJo made a mysterious tweet that might be considered in relation to AIB roast, “Silence can mean several things…strength…weakness and indifference…to me it always signifies dignity…which is above everything else!”

Another YouTube channel TVF came up with a video ‘TVF Reacts to AIB Knockout – #NoCountryForFunnyMen’ in which they showed their disagreement with the reaction of people getting offended by the roast saying that its internet, they had a choice to not watch it if they didn’t have stomach for vulgar humor.

TVF has been making clean comedy but they said that even when they are doing nothing wrong, this whole offensive people scenario has affected the entire YouTube community where now they are being restricted and told what to do. TVF says that Internet is a space to express freely; you can comment, abuse and do whatever but you shouldn’t go to such lengths to get the entertainers in trouble. You always have the option to walk away.

We would like to say that whatever the TVF said is true, one person’s mistake shouldn’t affect and restrict the way others work but shouldn’t an example be set, so that some things can be controlled or decided in a way that is acceptable to the society? Or do we need to drop the sophistication curtain and reveal the real fault in the stars?

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