AI-based application Genee purchased by Microsoft to improve Office 365

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Microsoft, the leading tech giant, has taken a step frontward to boost up its productivity, by obtaining AI-based scheduling service Genee which works for simplifying the development and rearrangement of large group meetings for organizations. Genee is an Artificial intelligence application that abridges the time-consuming task of scheduling meetings and by acquiring it, Microsoft is planning to boost office 365.

As per the officially sourced report, Microsoft is gobbling up the artificial intelligence startup to help Office 365 clients enhance how they deal with their timetables. Microsoft said on August 22 that it is procuring Genee, an AI, and virtual assistance technology startup from Mountain View, Calif. However, the acquired amount is still undisclosed. Genee’s innovation will be utilized to perk up the ability of planning and scheduling the Office 365. On 22nd August, Rajesh Jha, corporate vice president of Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, declared this news on 22nd August.

Genee started in 2014 by Co-founders Ben Cheung and Charles Lee with the aim to simplify the effort-taking task of scheduling and rescheduling meetings and further planned to join Microsoft for better positioning and servicing. This application is useful for the arrangement of meeting for large groups. It is also efficient when you don’t have a calendar with you.

This Office 365 booster app, Genee dependably goes for utilizing regular dialect doling out and advanced essential leadership calculations so that interfacing with a virtual collaborator is much the same as connecting with a human one. With Genee, rather than signifying particular times for a conference, users can send a more open-ended email request to convene for the upcoming times. It not only saves more time but also makes the process of scheduling meeting and conferences easier and convenient.

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