This adult only ‘Naughty Island’ provides all the luxuries along with making clothing optional

This adult only ‘Naughty Island’ provides all the luxuries along with making clothing optional

A unique, once in a lifetime tropical resort experience is being offered by adult-only company Naughty Nawlins. The company’s new Naughty Island is offering a great deal to the over 21s to make their holidays extra-special. Naughty Island is situated just off the coast of Belize, Central America.

The most exciting offer that the Naughty Island provides is making clothing optional. Yes, you heard it right. The luxurious private 16-acre paradise island has made clothing optional for the visitors and the adults can become as wild as they want during their stay at the Naughty Island. The heaven-like five-star resort offers luxurious accommodations and delicious food. The company calls the resort holiday as a chance to live out your fantasies. As per the latest reports, all the tickets have been sold out for this unique adult-only trip. 48 guests can strip off, eat, drink and indulge themselves in the most wildly and sensual way for one week.

The prices for the trip range from $5,495 (£3,900) to $6,195 (£4,500). The organizers Naughty Nawlins say that the Fantasies Island or the Naughty Island is truly the paradise one can has dreamed of.  It informed that the Island rests on the second largest barrier reef in the world and that is why the area is considered as the best in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling. “The island will be clothing optional, just for one week, making this a once in a lifetime experience. Explore the island or spend the day at the clothing optional beaches where turquoise water shimmers in the warm Belizean sun,” the organizers mentioned on their website.

Besides making clothing optional, the Naughty Island offers excursions including scuba diving, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking. The paradise island consists of five suite style cabanas nine standard cabanas and four premium suite style cabanas with balconies facing towards the bluish waters of the Caribbean Sea. Although the May 27 to June 3 Naughty Island resort trip has been sold out, interested moiré than 21s adults can book now for the September 23 to 30 trip. The Naughty Island holiday resort is jointly organized by Naughty Nawlins and Dream Pleasure Tours.

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