Adjustable working schedules boost work performance

Scientists have discovered that people starting their work early and ending late night shifts are more prone to sleep deficiency than those who work by the clock.

According to a survey conducted in 2012, about 30% of Americans aren’t getting the rest they need. This leads to increase in the rate of accidents, suffering chronic disease or feeling lethargic throughout the day. All of which combined leads to a shorter life span.

Researchers conducted a study by observing 474 employees at an information technology company, with about half of the employees were given no change of schedule while the other half was provided with flexible working time. Both employees and their supervisors participated. All of the participants were expected to wear a sleep-monitoring watch at all times for monitoring their duration of sleep. Interviews and data collection were held three times throughout the research period.

After six months of the programme, the researchers observed certain work-related changes that the employees experienced and then they decided to help make changes through their findings. A year after that, the changes reflected a higher amount and better quality of sleep among employees.

Adjustable work schedules works magic for the employees. Some managers might interpret them as a sign of low job commitment, and others may not be so much acceptable of the idea. But helping employees get good sleep seems like a good place to start.

After all, employees are an asset of the company and proper sleep will help them give better performances in the office which is in favour of the company on a wider scale. Even kids with strict parents who time bound them are good sleepers so we should see to it that a better sleeping employee would be a better working one.

This study was published in the journal Sleep Health.

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