Action king Ajay Devgan shares his birthday with Television Comedy King Kapil Sharma. Our action hero, unlike many other celebrities with Bollywood connections, has attained his stardom through struggle and hard work rather than asking dear daddy to do his bidding. The outcome hasn’t been a disappointment to anyone.

Ajay Devgan may look like a serious face, but he is known as the prankster in the film industry for his outrageously planned and successfully carried out pranks. On his birthday, we thought that our audience seriously deserves a close get-to-know-together with Ajay Devgan and henceforth, these are some facts about our Action hero.

  1. Ajay Devgan’s birth name is Vishal Veeru Devgan, which he changed to Ajay Devgan while entering the film industry.
  2. Ajay inherited his ‘never give up without a fight’ attitude from his father Veeru Devgan, who is one of the leading action directors of Bollywood.
  3. Ajay, unlike his unsuccessful romantic ventures in movies, is a very romantic man, says wife Kajol.
  4. He is a very caring father, husband, and son and always takes care of people, whom he once deems as a friend.
  5. It might come as an obvious yet surprising fact, but Ajay Devgan has never worked with YashRaj films or Dharma Productions. Yet he made it this big in the industry. Hail, Ajay!
  6. Ajay has also reserved a special treat for his fans on his birthday and will be outing the poster of his upcoming film, ‘Drishyam’ on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  7. Ajay demands loyalty. If you are his, then you have to be on his side forever. The war between him and Karan Johar had Kajol in a dilemma, but still she stood by her husband throughout.
  8. Ajay doesn’t gel well with the Khans of the industry. Apparently, Kajol and SRK Jodi fans should be glad that Ajay is not that possessive.
  9. Apart from Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Rohit Shetty, Devgan has friends only from his college days and that too, the ones who are unrelated to the film industry.
  10. Ajay had dated actresses like Raveena Tondon and Karishma Kapoor before he settled with his one true love, Kajol.

So, on his birthday, we wish Ajay a very Happy Birthday and may he keep shining like a star and get what he wants in his life. Have a blessed life ahead Mr. Devgan!

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