Geologists believe that total weight of Earth’s Technosphere is about 30 trillion tonnes


A global team led by geologists at University of Leicester in the UK has estimated the utter size of the physical structure of the earth’s technosphere. Technosphere of the earth is constituted of the entire structure that the humans have developed for their survival. According to the latest study, it weighs a huge 30 trillion tonnes.

According to professor Mark Williams of University of Leicester, the technosphere is a prime phenomenon of the earth, and it is evolving in an extremely rapid fashion. It is constituted of the entire range of structures that the humans have made their living on the earth, starting from industries, residents, software, devices, even the wastes in landfills.

Scientists have to claim that whole of the earth’s technosphere is teetering in measurement, around 30 trillion tonnes, which means a mass of 50 Kg/square meter over the earth’s surface.

According to It also includes human weights or the developments made by them, though humans are not quite in control as they are perceived to be. As technosphere is a system, humans have to assist in keeping it up for survival, with its own structure and energy flow.

The Anthropocene concept, a projected period that highlights the impact that the humans have put on this earth, has come up with a conclusion that the humans are responsible for maximum changes on this earth.

The technosphere can be claimed to have burgeoned off the biosphere and undoubtedly is currently partially parasitic on it. Considering present level, technosphere is definitely a prime phenomenon on the earth, and moreover, it is evolving in a great fashion.

In comparison with the biosphere, it is however significantly low at recycling its own materials, as per the budding landfill sites present. According to Williams, this can be claimed as a fence in its future progress. In fact, it may put the complete process into halt as well.

According to the scientists, the technosphere is at a certain level to which the humans have changed the earth’s shape. However, according to Collin Waters from Leicester’s Department of Geology, technosphere is not just all about its total weight.

It has made the production of a huge array of material objects possible, starting from fundamental devices, notebooks, gadgets to high-end technical devices. Most these if are buried in the stratum, can be conserved as the “technofossils” into the faraway geological future that will distinguish and mark the Anthropocene.

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  • 1 cubic kilometer of concrete weighs 2.4 trillion tons. All the man made structures (30 trillion tons) can fit well in 13 cubic kilometers. Is that lot?!

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