CM Kejriwal turn towards Chinese technology to curb Dengue in Capital

AAP Govt seek Chinese help to control Dengue!

The new AAP (Aam Admi Party) Govt headed by CM Arvind Kejriwal has miserably failed in controlling Dengue outbreak in the national capital. It seems AAP has tried everything to control the vector-borne disease but still nothing is going in their favor. Now CM Kejriwal is looking towards Chinese technology for help which promises to curb Dengue by stopping the breeding of mosquitoes.

Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) will send its team of researchers headed by its vice-chairmen Ashish Khetan to southern China’s Guangzhou province next month where they will test the effect of Chinese technology on the mosquitoes.

“CM has ordered the commission to root out Dengue to Take All Steps. We are talking to scientists across the World regarding Various Such experimentations So that does not occur Dengue Next year, ” Khetan said.

Chinese scientists believe that their technology can control mosquito breeding by 90 percent. While explaining the Chinese experiment Khetan said that they will mate genetically modified mosquitoes with the Dengue causing female mosquito which will prevent further breeding to mosquitoes. This way female mosquitoes will lose the capability to give birth to new mosquitoes which will reduce the population of Dengue causing mosquitoes. Reduced numbered mosquitoes means less number of Dengue cases.

” The Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes STERILE Experiment involves Turning Male Female Aedes Mosquitoes to Prevent Breeding and Mating with them, and Subsequently the Spread of Dengue,” said Khetan.

Although the Chinese technology shows promise on papers but several scientists still disagree with it. However, this year Delhi government has miserably failed in preventing its citizens from the deadly disease. It seems that Delhi government is willing to do anything to stop the epidemic-like situation, thus it is funding the entire costs of the research.

Breaking the 20-year-old record, more than 10000 people got infected with Dengue while 40 people succumbed to death this year.

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