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After winning in the Delhi elections for the second time, Kejriwal took oath on 14th February on Ramlila Maidan where he discussed his upcoming plans with Delhi. He also stated that Manish Sisodia will be the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi and Kejriwal will intervene only when Sisodia is diverting from his path and duties.

This time AAP has decided to take it slow and steady so as to establish a proper government that won’t collapse till five years. AAP will try and fulfill all the promises that they have made, including Corruption-free Delhi. He has even asked people to not say “no” to bribing, but give bribes and make videos of it and submit it to their coming up helpline through which they will take strict actions against it.

Kejriwal also referred to the ego, saying that it can be the downfall of anyone. Kejriwal demeaned himself, saying that it was because of his ego that he saw almost the end of his political career earlier and now he won’t repeat the mistake again.

Although this has been seen as a conspiracy that Arvind might have become politically ambitious and is trying to expand his territories from Delhi. For example, he might be visiting Kolkata, saying he is on a national vigilance and wants to implement several new things in Delhi also. This trick will undoubtedly flatter the people of Kolkata and at the same time he will be working as the CM of Delhi.

But giving it another look, this might be one of the best things happening in India. Or maybe if he turns out to be a self-centered politician then it may just backfire, and he may established a Sonia Gandhi like government, where he has full control and no responsibility.

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