It’s one more time when Aamir Khan’s blockbuster is in the controversies. Today, Bajrang Dal activists  led by city unit chief Jwalit Mehta, vandalized movie theaters, screening Rajkumar Hirani’s new film ‘PK’, in Ahmedabad. There were more than two dozen members of the group less with wielding batons and iron rods.

One of the activists told our reporter, “The film is making “fun” of Hindu Gods and godmen. We will not tolerate this kind of activity and won’t allow anyone to laugh at our God.” Also, they warned the other theaters screening the film.

These volunteers targeted City Gold and Shiv theatres on Ashram Road in Ahmedabad and smashed ticket windows and tore off posters of the film. However, they were caught on CCTV camera damaging the theater properties.

Virendra Singh Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-1) said that they rushed to the spot, but the attackers had fled before that.

“We are yet to identify the persons behind these attacks, which took place around 10 am. We learnt that miscreants vandalized the ticket windows of both these theatres. We are now collecting CCTV footages to identify the persons,” he further added.

“Around 15 to 20 of our members today went to these theatres, which are screening Aamir’s film ‘PK’. I am warning other theatres to stop the screening. Otherwise, we will intensify our protest in the city in the coming days,” said Mehta, a Bajrang Dal member.

“If his intention was right, then why the movie did not showcase anything about his religion? Yesterday, I called the majority of theatre owners and asked them to stop the screening. However, they indirectly refused,” said Mehta.

Several Hindu communities are demanding a ban on the movie as there are several scenes that denigrated Hindu deities and hurt religious sentiments of the people.

“The romantic track between Anushka Sharma (shown as an Indian girl) and Sushant Singh Rajput (a Pakistani boy) is also being seen as promoting love jihad,” said Dharmendra Asoliya, member of Bajrang Dal.

He further added, “The film’s protagonist ‘PK’ points out to strange customs that each religion is associated with. Moreover, while he takes on every prominent religion in the country — Hinduism, Islam and Christianity — some people believe that taking on a Hindu godmen in the film is a direct insult to the community.”

Beside this, the biggest release of 2014 will not be released on a small screen.  On Sunday, Rajkumar Hirani reported that he will not release his ‘PK’ on Television due to a complete breakdown of dialogue between satellite channels and the film makers.

According to the reports, there is a standoff between the channels and the film makers, due to the dispute no deals happened in the last six months between them.

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