A new feature on Apple devices would help users control phone addiction

A new feature would reportedly be arriving on Apple iPads and iPhones. This feature has been named as Screen Time, which is developed to show its users the time that they spend using each app. This would provide the Apple users control over the time they spend using the apps, thereby helping them in reducing phone addiction.

The Screen Time feature is present as an option in the Settings screen inside the iOS 12. On tapping over the feature, users would view another screen that would be having options including Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content and Privacy Restrictions.

Downtime signifies bedtime. This feature would cuts the users off from all the apps that they do not wish to get enticed by at specific times in a day. This would also prevent the users from overusing social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram long into the night at sleeping hours. The users could set the time when they want the Downtime to turn off. After it gets turned off, users would just be confined to FaceTime, Messages, and Phone Calls only.

The App Limit option would limit the time up to which the users could use app categories such as entertainment, social networking, games, etc. By setting App Limit the users could only use the apps belonging to a specific category for up to a specific time interval.

The Always Allow option would let the users select the apps, which they wish to put zero time limits on. These apps would be always allowed on the users’ phone for them to use.

The Content and Privacy option would allow the users control the way their device is being used. This option could be used for preventing the other people using the user’s phone from installing and/or deleting apps, carrying out in-app purchases, and consuming specific audios and videos. This option even provides the users control over “location-sharing” and a lot more.

There is another option within the Screen Time feature that is known as Screen Time for Family. This option would allow the users control remotely the Screen Time feature on the devices (such as iPhones and iPads) used by their family.

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