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Apex Legends Mod Apk: Download and Play for free

Apex Legends Mod Apk is a battling game that’ll definitely steal the heart of every gamer. This game is provided with many new features that a gamer would prefer. Download today and touch the victory!


Nowadays with the ban of PUBG every player might be feeling a void in their gaming space. But don’t worry the backup is here!

This is absolutely a similar game to as that of PUBG. This battling multiplayer game is one of the great game with great updates available in the recent times.

In this game you have to fight with the opponent teams with your skills. Jump into the game, kill others, hide yourself, travel and explore the map. Survive till last circle and kill your enemy to grab the victory.

In this version of the game You will receive Free Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Legends Tokens in this game after installing this mod.
In addition, you’ll get Infinite Crafting Medals, Multiple Apex Packs, and Unrestricted Equipment. Unlock all arms and legendary skins as well.

So go through this whole article to know more about the features and game play and download today for free using the link given below.


Name Apex Legends Mod Apk
Size 1.8 GB
Mod Features Available
Latest Update February 2021
Genre Battle, Action
Price Free
OS Android 4.4+
Version v1.2
Google Play Link


Apex Legends is a battle royale game significantly more advanced than other battle games. Players will play with one of the iconic characters in this game, as the name implies. There are a about four iconic casts in this game.

While creating your character in the game, you must choose your favorite hero. Each legend had its own set of flaws and strengths. Every legend has a special skill that they can use during the game. This game, like every other battle royale, is played in rounds.
In each round, three players form a team and compete against other teams.

The main goal of this match is to eliminate as many people as possible in order to be the last team standing. Players will need to use their strategic, logical, and critical reasoning skills when playing this game.

Also, if one of your players is killed by another player during the game, you can re spawn him after a certain time has passed. And, if you’re landing in the game from an aircraft, make sure to gather weaponry and medical supplies as soon as possible which is going to help you in increasing your health.

The only drawback is that there is only one map right now in this mobile version. The team will, however, add more maps as apex legends in the future.

Therefore, this game is all about fighting with real players and conquering the match at the end. Winning is the main motive.


Unlimited Coins:

This game is all new and is specially designed to be played free of cost. This game is upgraded with feature of unlimited coins where you get coins free of cost.

You don’t need to spend a penny to get coins. You those coins to do in app purchase.

Unlimited resources:

You will get unlimited character tokens as well as crafting metals along with the coins. Modify your character. Upgrade your weapons and skills.

Not only this, but this game has the advantage of having no adds interruption. You can play peacefully.

Hence, you can enhance your weapon’s looks. Improve your skills and defeat others and win the game.

Legendary Loots:

Legendary abilities often assist you in escaping difficult circumstances while also securing loot.This loot is strewn about the site, arriving on average from various supply ships.

Loots includes all the necessary items that is required to survive in the game. Fill and store you backpacks with all the necessary items. This saves a huge amount of space. Your collected ammunition is contained in your inventories.

Apex Legends mod APK also provides you with unlimited Legends Tokens. Modify your character and keep battling.

The Map:

At present there is only one map in this game, but it is huge.

Within this map, there are both vast settlements and wastelands. Obviously, navigating around this map will be a lot of fun. In order to stay alive in this game, you must switch from one place to another safely.

The playable area shrinks over time, ensuring that all players are on an equal footing. Within the map, there are areas with higher and lower loot.

Find your perfect area of landing according to your experience, loot the place and jump into the battle with other player and show off your skills.

The finale:

As the time passes, the circle gets closer bringing all the alive players together. Here is where your skills might come handy. Hide yourself, communicate with your teammates.

Make proper plans of attacking the opponent to touch the victory.

Hence, this game definitely requires concentration, proper planning and great communication to win the battle in the last circle.

MOD Characteristics:

  • Infinite coins
  • Unlimited tokens
  • Unlimited crafting metals
  • Infinite Resources
  • Many Apex Packs
  • All weapons available
  • All skins are unlocked for free
  • Totally safe to play
  • Auto Sync feature
  • Available for Free
  • Auto Update feature
  • Compatible with most of the Operating systems
  • Free to Download
  • No Modification of Android Device required


Concluding this whole article, this battle game is available free of cost with unlimited features.

This battle multiplayer game enhances your concentration as well as communication skills. Meet new people around the globe, make friends and improve your gaming circle. The best way to pass you while you are idle  is play this game. This game is addictive as well as interesting,

This apk version provides with lots of new features to play on. All you need to do is survive the whole game with your skills. This one of the best shooting cum battle game available online. Survive through all the toughs to reach the last circle. Defeat your enemy and win the battle!

Download today to grab all the free features of this game. Read the steps below and the download link provided!


  • Firstly, uninstall the previously download “Apex Legend” App
  • Secondly, download the game from the link given below.
  • Allow your device to install from the unknown sources.
  • Now Install the downloaded game in your smartphone.
  • Open the app, create an account and start playing the game.


User the following link to get this game with unlimited coins and many more features.

APK Link: https://mega.nz/file/5q4mQYpC#BkU4KAp3DG8-g__4PN0gJyQIulsvD8FfBWvIk3xqCpc


1.Is this game safe to play?

Yes, absolutely this game is safe to play with all the bugs fixed.

2. Does this game have any age restrictions?

No, but it is advised for the age group above 18.

3. Do I get unlimited coins for free or Do I need to spend money after downloading the app to get resources?

This game is absolutely free and unlimited coins and other features are provided free of cost with this APK Version.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

No, one account can only be used by one person.

5. Will adds appear while playing the games?

No, no adds will appear while playing the game. So you can play the game without any disturbances.

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