720,000 Android Wearables sold in 2014, says Canalys

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Canalys, a research firm, stated that out of nearly 4.2 million wearables shipping worldwide in the year 2014, the Android wearables were only able to secure an amount of 720,000 units. Reports suggest that among all Android wearables, Motorola Moto 360 and LG G Watch R were in the leading positions.

“Though the Moto 360 remained supply constrained through Q4, Motorola was the clear leader among Android Wear vendors. LG’s round G Watch R performed significantly better than its original G Watch, while Asus and Sony entered the market with their own Android Wear devices,” said a report from research firm Canalys.

On the other hand, Pebble shipped a whopping one million units in 2014. Reports stated that continuous software updates, and more apps  in stores and price cuts have significantly helped the company in achieving the amount.

However, Canalys reported that even though Samsung has a deep reach in the smartphone market, it failed to attract neither the consumers nor the developers on its Tizen platform. “Samsung has launched six devices in just 14 months, on different platforms and still leads the smart band market. But it has struggled to keep consumers engaged and must work hard to attract developers while it focuses on Tizen for its wearables,” said Canalys VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones.

Canalys stated that Fitbit has managed to top the charts in the global sales. However, the Chinese smartphone isn’t lagging behind either. Xiaomi sold nearly one million units of the colorful MI band, with close to 100,000 units in just a day.

However, Apple Inc is yet to launch the very first wearable Apple Watch in market by the month of April, and by looking at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales, the Cupertino giant is expected to surpass the mark of 4 million in just a week or less.

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