7-Decades Undisclosed Nazi Military Base of Hitler Unearthed In Arctic     

 7-Decades Undisclosed Nazi Military Base of Hitler Unearthed In Arctic     

Scientists have been able to make a ground-breaking discovery which has been considered as a myth from World War-2. The unearthing of a covert Nazi Base in Alexandria Land in the Arctic has brought Adolf Hitler into the picture. The secret base was supposedly built according to the directions of Hitler, one of the most feared dictators in world history.

The location of the base is approximately 1, 000 km from the North Pole and is estimated to have been constructed during the World War in 1942. The tyrant dictator had named the base as “Treasure Hunter” or “Schatzgraber”. The voyage of research which was folded up in October acquiesce around 500 broken artifacts, military uniforms, arms, meteorological gadgets, household items, and personal products, some of which are estimated to play the pivotal roles for unearthing chronological and cultural value.

A video clip has been published by the Russian researchers, which is demonstrating the proof of the presence of Hitler’s army in the island of Alexandra Land throughout the World War II of 1942. As per the researchers, the island was used by Hitler and his army to as the base land for attacking Russia during the war time. Though the island now belongs to Russia, in the past, it is expected to be Hitler’s land.

While exploring the Nazi foundation of Hitler, the researchers also have found more than 500 relics which include certain types of leather, timber, organic fabrics and plastics. But unexpectedly, the source of metal which is expected to be used during the 1940s can’t be located in the base. The scientists in their reports said that in spite of the fact that all the items found in the base were concealed for last seven decades; most of the objects are found in well-brought-up condition, which is expected to be because of chilly weather of Arctic.

Along with the vestiges, the scientists also have discovered some well-preserved hidden documents, which are expected to contain some crucial information about Hitler and his army alongside the war policies. However, for now, the discovered documents have become subjective to further examination. Along with these paper documents and relics, scientists also have found scraps of tents, bullets, and delicate products like shoes from the base and surprisingly, some of those items were found to be dated and marked with the icon of swastika.

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