6-feet Dolphin swims back to sea after stranded for 14 hours in Amba river

A six-feet long dolphin that stranded in the Amba river in Nagothane, swam back to the sea after 14 hours long struggle. According to officials, while swimming for nearly 40 km towards the freshwater of Amba river, the Indo-pacific humpbacked dolphin lost its way and with the high tide it got stuck on shore.

N Vasudevan, Chief conservator of forests (mangrove cell) said that as soon as he got the information he rushed to the site and helped the most friendliest marine creature in swimming back to the sea. He further added that by midnight, the dolphin went to the sea.

Meanwhile, the site became a picnic spot for many as massive crowd including nearby villagers gathered there to see the dolphin lying there and children played around the helpless creature.

Vasudevan added that dolphins have the capability to communicate with each other and three other dolphins were also spotted about 20 km from Dharamtar creek, however, the stranded dolphin warned them and other dolphins went back to the sea after getting the warning.

In an another incident, a 42-feet blue whale got stuck on Revandanda beach near Alibaug where it died after struggling for nearly 18 hours. Whale stranded at the beach also became the picnic spot for many as they many people climbed up on the struggling whale to click a snap.

While explaining reason behind the marine animals being stranded near the Raigad coast, Deepak Apte, marine biologist from Bombay Natural History Society, said the Raigad coast is shallow and can confuse large marine animals, this might be the reason behind so many marine animals getting stuck on the coast.


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