50 percent ex-Note 7 users may switch to iPhone 7: IDC

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7

Since the failure of Note 7 thumped headlines due to its fire catch issues and Samsung to refund money to the purchasers, the one question that kept on overwhelming everyone is – who will gain the highest profit from the loss of Samsung in terms of its Galaxy Note 7. Well, to this question, a new statistics has been published by International Data Corporation (IDC) which states that the exploding issue of Galaxy Note 7 may toggle half of the Note 7 users to the iPhone 7.

Galaxy Note 7 is now dead, yet has left the entire smartphone market including the parental company stunned. Galaxy Note 7 was ended up being an awful disaster for the Korean Leader Samsung and the controversies of Note 7 have been dominating the market share and consumer base of Samsung till now. And the attentiveness toward confronting more issues have made most of the Note 7 users to choose iPhone 7 over their existing model. As per the survey of IDC, almost 5-7 million Note 7 users may switch to iPhone 7.

IDC, in a recently conducted survey on 17-18 October has reviewed 1,082 US buyers through an online study and took their reviews about the Galaxy Note 7. The study was held only four days after Samsung declared Note 7 to be departed forever. In the survey, IDC took 507 current Samsung users, 347 people who owned Galaxy Note 7, and 228 who never have any Samsung smartphones including 24 Note 7 buyers. Surprisingly, out of these 24 clients, half said they have or will choose an iPhone instead of the recalled Note 7, while 17% of the participants stated that they would choose a new Samsung smartphone in exchange of Galaxy Note 7.

In a recent interview, creative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI said that, due to the severe loss of Galaxy Note 7, Apple in the near future would be found eating the market shares of Samsung. Adding to this statement, he also estimated that, around 5-7 million Note 7 users will jump from the edge of Galaxy Note 7 to the iPhone 7, while majorly of the ex-Note 7 users will prefer iPhone 7 Plus over the Galaxy Note 7.

Currently, Samsung is working on Galaxy S8 and soon it is expected to hit the market, as a substitute to the dead Note 7.

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