50 more dead bodies found in Ganga, counting reaches 130


Making the total 130, 50 more bodies have been recovered from the Ganga in Safipur area of Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh. Government ordered a probe, but the workers of Nagar Palika refused to further take them out after taking out 80 bodies.

30 bodies were recovered from the river till Tuesday, but the counting rose up to 104 by Wednesday. Then BJP and the local people proceeded, and the bodies were then taken out by JCB machines from the river bed and enhancement areas. Forensic samples are being taken by experts to identify the bodies as the bodies can’t be recognised as they are so much shattered and decomposed.

A. Satish Ganesh, IG, Law and Order said that the bodies that were ostensibly disposed of in the Ganga river as part of last rites by their kin, surfaced after the water receded near Pariyar ghat.

“During preliminary investigation, local residents informed that instead of cremating the bodies of unmarried girls they are set adrift in the Ganga river,” the IG had said.

“Most of the bodies were badly mutilated, so it was difficult to ascertain their gender,” he said.

The bodies are still unclaimed as they are still being identified, but the question is ” Where did these bodies came from?”

The government has not taken any serious action to identify and to find where these bodies have come from.

This is another dark spot on the government of India as recently a live bomb was found in the train and was defused as a passenger. He was the one who reported to police about an unclaimed bag.

See the full report:- Live bomb found in Jabalpur-Delhi Gondwana Express.


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