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5 Ways New Technologies are Changing Nursing Forever

5 Ways New Technologies are Changing Nursing Forever

With the many factors that affect the way the job of a modern nurse is done, none has a stronger impact on the profession than new technologies. In the same way, new technologies are completely transforming nearly every field, nowhere is it more evident than in nursing care. But how exactly are new technologies affecting the way healthcare is dispensed to patients and what does it mean for the future of the profession? Well, are five areas where technology could change nursing forever:


Recent advances in the world of genomics have completely transformed the way diseases are diagnosed. As a matter of fact, most diseases and treatments have their root in genetics. Our environments and lifestyles can have a direct effect on how are genes are expressed and can even result in mutations. Thanks to new technology, these mutations can be detected sooner, even in utero. Advances in genomics will also mean that future msn in nursing administration programs will have to reflect this new reality and expand more on the role of genetics in the prevention and detection of diseases.


Recent advances in bio-computing and artificial intelligence are changing the world of robotics as we know it and new robots are now “learning” to make autonomous decisions based on programming. In the near future, nano-robots will be injected into the patient’s bloodstream to treat specific illnesses and parts of the body. Android-type robots will be programmed to administer simple care to patients. And we can also look forward to the introduction of robotic prosthetics and advanced hearing/seeing aids in the near future.

Data Management

Data management is another area that is seeing significant changes nowadays thanks to new technologies. Electronic record keeping makes collaboration easier than ever, allowing various professionals and institution to access a patient’s records in seconds. Electronic record keeping is already changing the way the profession is taught to new nurses, with institutions like Bradley University offering advanced courses in data management to its online MSN in nursing administration students.

3D Printing

3D printing is one of the most revolutionary production techniques that has been recently introduced and many are saying that it will completely transform the way modern manufacturing will be done. While most current 3D printers work with traditional materials such as vinyl and plastics, modern 3D printers will be able to take cell tissue and assemble brand new functional organs layer by layer. In the future, these 3D bioprinters are likely to become ubiquitous in most advanced healthcare facilities and knowing how these printers work will be essential for future professionals in the healthcare industry.

The profession of nurse is changing everyday. To stay current with the times, many schools are changing their programs to add new technical and ethical courses to prepare nurses for this new reality. There is no telling where new technologies will bring us, but one thing is for sure, the world of healthcare will never be the same again, hopefully for the better.

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