Yogurt can help reduce inflammation, sources say

When you look at the information that the new study provides, you would realize that your mom was right all this time! Eating yogurt can help your body to reduce the chronic inflammations along with bowel diseases, asthma, and arthritis. According to the study published in the Journal of Nutrition, yogurt helps in reducing inflammation by enhancing the integrity of the lining of your intestine.

Consuming fresh yogurt can certainly prevent endotoxins to a great extent. They are nothing but the pro-inflammatory molecules that the gut microbes produce and get into the bloodstream. Brad Bolling, an assistant professor from the University of Wisconsin, Madison U.S says that he wanted to look at the mechanism more precisely and look specifically at yogurt. Although the anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, hydrocortisone, prednisone, and naproxen that are available easily in the drug stores can help in reducing inflammation effects and each one comes with their own risks and adverse effects.

Yogurt is among the best sources if you want ample amount of vitamin B12 and calcium. It also has a good amount of protein that has numerous benefits in maintaining the body balance. The study was conducted with 120 premenopausal women participating in it out of which half were obese and half normal. 60 women were assigned to eat around 12 ounces of low-fat yogurt one single day of a period of nine weeks and the other half ate non-dairy pudding for nine months.  The research team along with Bolling took the blood samples of the participants of fasting stage and measured the possibilities of inflammation curing through different tests and methods.

If you make a regular habit of consuming fresh yogurt, it can help boost your immune system and the best thing about eating yogurt is that it helps with the absorption of essential minerals like magnesium and zinc. According to Bolling, the biomarkers showed steady results whereas the yogurt eaters showed a significant improvement in a number of aspects. If you believe the leading nutritionist, Sejal Sheth, yogurt contains probiotics, which is beneficial for a healthy gut. A healthy gut will definitely help reduce inflammation. For an added benefit, you can eat yogurt with muesli, seeds, nuts, and fruits or blend it up as a breakfast smoothie.


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