A 40-foot Bryde’s Whale carcass washes ashore in two parts across Mumbai’s Colaba area

In a surprise incident, a large 40-foot decomposed carcass of a Bryde’s Whale washed ashore the coast of Colaba in South Mumbai. On Monday it was found that the 40 feet whale has been torn apart into two pieces- one 26-feet-long body and its tail which was about 14-feet-long. The whale’s tale was found behind Oyster apartment building near Pilot Bunder Road, and the rest 26-feet long body was traced 500 meters away-behind the construction site on Shahid Bhagat Singh Road.

Makarand Ghodke, the Assistant Conservator of Forests, said that it appears like after the death the whale got snapped into two pieces after hitting a rock and washed ashore in a decomposed condition. According to him, the whale might have died 20-25 days ago. The dead and decomposed carcass of the Bryde’s Whale was first seen by residents of Oyster Building in Colaba’s Navya Nagar. They saw the whale carcass in the shallow water near the shore. Then on Monday, they informed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) who then alerted the forest department.

Ghodke informed that members of the Konkan Cetacean Research Team (KCRT) have taken tissue samples for testing. They have buried the bigger part, 26-foot long, at the spot where it was found. But they could not bury the smaller tail part, 14-foot long, as it was present at an inaccessible place along the shore. The research team said that these Bryde’s whale grows up to a maximum size of 50-feet. However, they were not able to ascertain the exact length of the tail. The carcass was bloated, which made it difficult to ascertain the cause of animal’s death.

Ketki Jog from KCRT said that their research is underway and soon they will get more information about the whale’s death. Earlier in May, a similar type of 45 meters long Bryde’s Whale carcass was found washed ashore at JUHU beach which was also split into two pieces. The forest department has ruled out any possibility of an accident with the ship

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