A 3D printer saved life of a newborn. Yes, thats true. A 3D print of the foetus is what helped CS Mott Children’s hospital’s doctors  to decide the method of giving birth. The printer worked so well that it gave a image mch better tha that of a ultrasound. This was the first time that a printer, combined with an EMR machine was used in such a way.

30 weeks pregnants, Megan Thompson was dumbstruck after the ultrasound  report came. The report said that unborn’s face had a walnut sized lump of dead tissues. The  doctors took no time to refer the case to University of Michigan’s CS Mott Children’s Hospital, after they felt the chances of instant death of the baby after the birth. The doctors feared that the dead lump of tissues might disable the baby’s breath.

Thompson said “I was terrified when I found out there was a possibility my baby might not be able to breathe after birth.”

The experts at CS Mott Children’s hospital were confused whether to deliver the baby through a Caesarean-section or needed a rare and complex lifesaving procedure as the  ultrasound didn’t give a proper and  clear image of where and how large the lump was.

That is why the doctors decided  to use another and a completely new method that might give a clearer image of the unborn. Using a specialised MRI of the foetus in the womb, doctors were able to use a 3D printer to print models of the foetus face, helping determine exactly where and how dangerous the soft tissue mass was.

The 3D image helped doctors and they came to the decision that the Junior Conan was safe and didn’t need Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment Procedure (EXIT) treatment. Therefore, the doctors scheduled a caesarian section.

The EXIT procedure requires a partial delivery of the baby while it remains attached by its umbilical cord to the placenta so that a surgeon can establish an airway to allow the baby to breathe.

The child was successfully given birth by the Caesarean-section and this became the first and successful use of 3D printing technique to take the image of an unborn.

Mother of Conan said, “Hearing him cry after he was born was the most incredible, emotional experience because I knew he was okay.”

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