3D-printed cheese

As the scientific community makes breakthroughs every single day, the inventions and creations are becoming more and more bizarre. In the latest buzz around the town, the scientists have apparently succeeded in making a variant of cheese not through the traditional process but by using the 3D-printing technique.

Yes! You heard it right- making cheese via 3D-printing. A group of nutritional scientists from the University College Cork Ireland have been exploring this particular idea and have made some sound progress in this direction by making the 3D-printed cheese. The cheese that was produced by this method was found to be more melty and gooey as compared to the regular processed variety and is also slightly darker in colour. The amount of cheese that was produced through this process was so small that adequate amount of taste test on the same has not been possible so far, but if the study is to be believed, the 3D-printed cheese would taste every bit same as the processed cheese available in any supermarket.

So far the 3D printing technique has made use of plastic and some other similar composites to create scaled down replica of individual objects. This is the first instance when the same techniques have been used for making a food product. The idea is to push the melted milk proteins that go into making the real cheese through the thin nozzles of the 3D-printer and then letting the machine mould the semi-liquid into solid form.

This study involving the production of cheese using 3D-printing technology has been published in the Journal of Food Engineering and the researcher claim that with a few more changes done to the process 3D-printed cheese could find a commonplace in most kitchens just like the natural stuff.

Even though the process has been made possible only for a minuscule quantity of cheese, as per the study, the same could be replicated for large-scale commercial production of a variety of cheese.

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