3-years-old toddler accidentally locks out iPad for 25 million minutes

3-years-old toddler accidentally locks out iPad for 25 million minutes

It pretty common for parents to hand their iPads and phones to their little ones that will keep them entertained and distracted as well. However, these are toddlers we are talking about and they might end causing damage to the device if not taken care of. One such incident was recorded in Washington D.C., U.S.A, when a 3-year-old boy reportedly locked his dad’s iPad for over 48 years.

You know how smartphones and iPads, tablets, disable entering any passcode if entered incorrect ones several times. Although the feature to enter a passcode is disable for a few minutes, keeping on doing it will escalate the duration that the screen will stay disabled as well.

This is what happened when Evan Osnos who is a journalist based in Washington D.C. handed his iPad to his 3-years-old toddler and found out that he has been locked out for next 25+ million minutes. To be precise, the home screen showed that the iPad was disabled for the next 25,536,442 minutes which is roughly 48 years which is half the century and waiting for such a duration would mean Osman will be celebrating 20th birthdays of his grandchildren by then.

Luckily, Apple has a dedicated support page regarding the disabled screen and recommends users to connect their iPads to the iTunes on the PC and use it to perform a hard reset on the device followed by updating the iOS on the particular devices. This will undoubtedly get you out of such a situation but there is a catch. Since it is hard reset or say restore factory that we are talking about which means all the data if more saved before such incident will be deleted and wouldn’t be available at disposal i.e the data is permanently deleted.

Although this could put the data saved on the device in jeopardy but at least Evan might be able to gain access to his iPad back although an update posted yesterday on Monday stated that Evan is still locked out which means he might not have performed a hard reset yet.

Evan posted the screengrab showing a waiting time of 25+ million minutes which saw much responses as people began to troll the screengrab while many tried posting helpful tips and troubleshooting guides that might help avert the situation.

A similar incidence was recorded in 2014 when a guy was locked out of his iPhone for 45 years or 23,614,974 minutes although he reported the issue to Apple and got iOS installed after performing a hard reset. So, Is it handy waiting for such an unbelievable duration?

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